ISOWALL Advanced technology combines secure door systems with ISOWALL panel properties. Doors are easy to install, come in many modern designs and keep interior temperatures where you want them.

Scientific designed keeps heat out
  • Eficiency system resists temperature differences.
  • Strong enough for constant use.
  • Hygienic because they resist rust and breakage.
  • Light-weight for convenient installation.
  • Special “safety-lock system” on inside.
  • Two choices to choose among: “Chill” door for 0 °c to – 10°c and”Freezer” door for 0 °c – 40 °c .
  • Can serve as emergency door or environment-control door.
3 Attractive Designs


Perfect for frequently opened doors and small cold storage facilities.


Outstanding for large cold storage facilities that big require deliveries yet need space savings.


Vertical design is ideal for compact areas that require frequent deliveries of small products.


We give priority the insulated door and we selectively accessories for installation with high quality and meets EU Standards. It will help reduce energy loss due from opening and closing cold storage.
Door frames are manufactured from heavy duty extruded aluminium sections. The doors can be installed by us, or we can supply everything required so that you can fit the doors.
All manufactured doors work on the principle of slide-down and in for perfect sealing. Coldroom doors come with an internal safety release. All gaskets are made of silicon rubber. Freezer doors are equipped with self-limiting heater tape to prevent freezing between the door and frame. Hinged or sliding, and with or without sills, Isowall doors are manufactured to cover most applications.

Slide Door(Manual/Auto)

Swing Door

Overhead Door

Emergency Door

Insulation Doors for clean rooms We design by concern suitability of the size of the door and the cleanliness. Hygienic according to international standards Federal Standard 209 E (FED-209E) or international standard ISO 14611 of the door. We developed functions used in each category. Insulation Door Sliding door, Swing door, etc. We design must be low maintenance. And has a long service life , Modern and Beautiful.

Slide Door

Swing Door

We develop the Insulation door by taking into the size and strength of the door. Including suitability of the functions used in each category. We have Sliding Door, Swing Door and Overhead Sectional Door, Emergency Door etc. We design the function must be low maintenance And has a long service life , Modern and Beautiful.