ISO CABIN & MODULAR HOUSE  is the mobile, temporary office that solves the problems of high rents and moving costs. Isocabin offers an excellent environment for offices, homes or sales outlets designed within the standard regulation of B.M.A. (Bangkok Metropolitan Administration).

Convenient and Ready to Use
  • Weights only 1-3 tons, so is convenient to move
  • Floors can easily be installed even on uneven ground with small piles.
  • Interiors can be strategically designed to your needs and ensure optimum use of space. One Isocabin can be dividid into meeting room. of- fice, restroom, living room etc.
  • Complete facilities are ready
  • Saves 20-40% in construction costs.
  • Saves 40-60% in installment time.
  • Saves your money in day-to-day operations.
  • Easy to disassemble so almost no demolition costs.
Beautiful and Efficient
  • Each section of Isocabin is made with Isowall panels to control temperatures and keep unwanted heat out saving 30% in energy costs.
  • Exteriors are an attractive white color, easy to keep clean and solid due to a specially corrugated facade.
  • Entire structure from floor to ceiling is strong and rust resistant, thanks to special enamels.
ISO Cabin & Modular House