Energy Saving Insulated Wall & Ceiling

Rolly Tasker has substantiated that Isowall – SMAC is saving them 63% on their energy bills! Rolly Tasker, World’s Largest Sail Manufacturing Facility (6,500 m2) “We are certainly glad that we did not waste time and money over-paying for too much air-conditioning hardware and old fashioned pillar construction. It is always gratifying when you know you have made the right decision and that is where we are here at Rolly Tasker.” Mr. Michael Tasker, Managing Director

Location :  Phuket , Thailand

Product :  Insulation Panel , Wall and Ceiling / PS (Polystyrene) Foam core

Technology : SMAC + ISOWALL Technology is Energy saving more 63%

Rolly Tasker Company Uses ISOWALL and SMAC to Save Energy and Money

Rolly Tasker, World’s Largest Sail Manufacturing Facility (6,500 m2) The building is 125 meters long with only three vertical support columns. The work space is consistently dust-free and pleasant. in addition to the savings we experienced with your unique, free span, Isowall structural insulated panel construction, our energy costs have been even lower than anticipated. Isowall and SMAC engineering data have proved to be spot on!

The Benefits of Structural Insulated Panels in Construction

Cut-Cost Construction
ISOWALL is a panel that keeps temperatures exactly where you want them. ISOWALL is made from a combination of metal and polystyrene. So it’s light – weight, easy, quick and inexpensive to install
ISOWALL is a self-contained panel insulator that’s perfect for walls, roofs or partitions.
ISOWALL is self-supporting, which eliminates the need for costly supports.

20% more energy efficient
ISOWALL reduces your energy costs up to 20% by stopping unwanted heat from entering and cold from escaping your cold storage facilities.

Maximum efficiency designed for cold storage
ISOWALL panels can be installed to the exact thickness you require whether you want to control your room temperature to be -40 °c or 80 °c Comes in many varieties to fit your job and budget such as : COLORBOND , which resists acid and rust ; or PVC coated (Plastisol) , which resists rust and scratches and is easy to clean.

1. Lighter than other similar material.
2. Fast installation.
3. Pre-coated steel sheet facings (finished in Silicon Modified Polyester)
4. Panel to Panel connection requires no additional alignment.
5. Panel core utilizes self-extinguishing grade polystyrene foam.