Singha Beverage, Nakhon Pathom

Singha Beverage Company limited is truly committed to continuous quality development and enhancement, with more emphasis on capacity building and mindfulness practice among the company’s staff to take part in such processes.

Singha Beverage Company Limited is an affiliated company under Boon Rawd Brewery Company Limited, situated on 414 Rais 876 sq.m. located at T. Bua Pak tha, A. Bang Lane, Nakhon Pathom Province.

The company was established on 26th October 2007 with 5,000 million Baht worth of registered capital. The main responsibility of the company is to produce beverages under the Leo trademark. The company started its first batch of beer production on 1st October 2009 and was commercially distributed to the market on 8th December 2009. The company’s current production capacity is 925 liters of beverages per year.

Location :Banlen , Nakhon Pathom , Thailand
Product : Wall and Ceiling

The Benefits of Structural Insulated Panels in Construction

Cut-Cost Construction
ISOWALL is a panel that keeps temperatures exactly where you want them. ISOWALL is made from a combination of metal and polystyrene. So it’s light – weight, easy, quick and inexpensive to install
ISOWALL is a self-contained panel insulator that’s perfect for walls, roofs or partitions.
ISOWALL is self-supporting, which eliminates the need for costly supports.

20% more energy efficient
ISOWALL reduces your energy costs up to 20% by stopping unwanted heat from entering and cold from escaping your cold storage facilities.

Maximum efficiency designed for cold storage
ISOWALL panels can be installed to the exact thickness you require whether you want to control your room temperature to be -40 °c or 80 °c Comes in many varieties to fit your job and budget such as : COLORBOND , which resists acid and rust ; or PVC coated (Plastisol) , which resists rust and scratches and is easy to clean.

1. Lighter than other similar material.
2. Fast installation.
3. Pre-coated steel sheet facings (finished in Silicon Modified Polyester)
4. Panel to Panel connection requires no additional alignment.
5. Panel core utilizes self-extinguishing grade polystyrene foam.

Energy Efficiency Insulated Door

ISOWALL DOOR advanced technology combines secure door systems with ISOWALL panel properties. Doors are easy to install , come in many modern designs and keep interior temperatures where you want them.
Scientific Designed keeps heat out
1. Efficiency system resists temperature differences
2. Strong enough for constant use
3. Hygienic because the resist rust and breakage
4. Light-Weight for convenient installation
5. Special “Safety-Lock System” on inside
6. Two choices to choose among : “Chill” Door for 0°c to -10°c and “Freezer” door for 0°c to -40°c
7. Can serve as emergency door or environment – control door
Swing Door :
Perfect for frequently opened doors and small cold storage facilities.
Sliding Door :
Outstanding for large cold storage facilities that big require deliveries yet need space savings.
Overhead Sliding :
Vertical design is ideal for compact areas that require frequent deliveries of small products.