“ISOWALL” Revolutionary Technology

Thai Isowall Co.,Ltd. is the leader manufacturing of insulated panels and exclusive licensed brand “ISOWALL” in Thailand from ISOWALL International B.V. United Kingdom. “Thai Isowall” grown substantially ever since establishing in 1978

“Thai Isowall” manufactured in Thailand according to international licensing standards. Production is fully automated through an Automatic Laminating Machine, which has a capacity of 250 M2/ hour at a width of 1200 mm. (lengths depending on transportation). The entire production process is conducted within a temperature controlled environment to optimize adhesive effectiveness.

Moreover, each panel acts as a “weather shield” system which allows all sides to act as an Insulator. Therefore, the panel creates separate atmospheres for inside and outside to optimize temperature control capability.


ISOWALL PS Insulated Panel

Isowall is a versatile, economical, aesthetic and waterproof composite insulating system suitable for external wall and roof structures, or where precise controlled temperature conditions are required.

The Isowall structural composite panel consists of a core of thermally efficient insulation material sandwiched between two outer pre-stressed skins and bonded to them. This gives the panel its impressive strength characteristics. Various facing materials and finishes are available.

Construction methods utilising Isowall panels are well proven and offer an efficient and cost effective building system. The insulation properties make the panel ideally suited to freezer, cold and chill applications, whilst the hygienic properties of food safe finishes give the panel a clear advantage in food and clean work areas.

ISOWALL PIR Insulated Panel (FM APPROVED 4881)

Polyisocyanurate Foam (PIR Foam) PIR cored panels are made from a flexible faced PIR board made on a continuous laminator. Besides being a high insulating material, PIR is also CFC free. Even though PIR is not non-combustible, it does not burn in the same way as other foams such as polystyrene. Polyisocyanurate (PIR) Core Panel PIR is a thermoset whilst polystyrene is a thermoplastic. PIR when subject to fire forms a carbonaceous layer which retards further flame spread and penetration but being an organic compound will eventually burn.
แผ่นโฟม Polyisocyanurate (PIR Foam)

``ISOWALL`` World's leading insulated system

Isowall is a insulated panel that keeps temperatures exactly where you want them. Isowall is made from a combination of metal and polystyrene. So It’s light- weight, easy,quick and inexpensive to install.Isowall is a self – contained panel insulator that’s perfect for walls, roofs or partitions. Isowall is self – supporting, which eliminates the need for costly supports.

20% More Energy Efficient

20% more energy efficient Isowall reduces your energy costs up to 20% by stopping unwanted heat from entering and cold from escaping and cold from escaping your cold storage facilities.

Maximum Efficiency Designed

Maximum efficiency designed for cold storage Isowall panele can be installed to the exact thickness you require whether you want to control your room temperature to be -40°C or 80°C Comes in many varieties to fit your job and budget such as: COLORBOND. which resists acid and rust; or PVC coated (Plastisol), which resists rest and scratches and is easy to clean.