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Thai Isowall has achieved success through a combination of quality factors, including a strong team of managers and engineers, its state-of-the-art factory and the patented production methods of Isowall International B.V. from the United Kingdom. Thanks to this, Thai Isowall Co.,Ltd. has been granted the exclusive license to produce and distribute ISOWALL products in Thailand. These products meet the exact same standards as its sister companies around the world.

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The Market Leader

Thai Isowall is not only this country’s pioneer in the manufacture of quality insulated panels for industry but also the dominant market leader, with more than 40% of the domestic market. But more important than market share is the trust and confidence executives in many industries and consumers across the country have the quality of ISOWALL products.


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Isowall Revolutionary Technology

Thai Isowall Co.,Ltd. is the leader manufacturing of insulated panels and exclusive licensed brand “ISOWALL” in Thailand from ISOWALL International B.V. United Kingdom. “Thai Isowall” grown substantially ever since establishing in 1978

Thai Isowall” manufactured in Thailand according to international licensing standards. Production is fully automated through an Automatic Laminating Machine, which has a capacity of 250 M2/ hour at a width of 1200 mm. (lengths depending on transportation). The entire production process is conducted within a temperature controlled environment to optimize adhesive effectiveness.

Our experience

Industrial - 50 years
Industrial - 50 years
Production - 40 years
Production - 40 years
Construction - 20 years
Construction - 20 years
Design- 5 years
Design- 5 years
Logistics - 7 years
Logistics - 7 years